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Hi everyone!

GetWhimsical here, I’ve kidnapped Saphira’s blog here on Geek and Artsy to bring you guys the best stolen sneak previews at what she’s been up to and what’s on her workbench!

This week:  Those Galar Sword and Shield Pokemon Badges! Ooooh, they’re pretty!

Here you can see the freshly cut gold acrylic pieces – I have to say, they’re a blast to play with and try to figure out how they all link together (though I only learned part way through that there was a different design for Shield and I’ve only seen the Sword ones!).  I’ve even been helping her out by colouring the engraved designs as there’s so many pieces that we could probably make a mountain.

Once these were done, I was shoo-ed out of the workshop whilst Saphira worked with resin and did all the pretty colour stuff.  I did manage to sneak back in while she was cleaning up and get this very nice photo of all of the coloured resin drying in the gold pieces.

This made a big ole box of stuff™.  All the pieces were bundled together and we checked through them to make sure everything was just (okay emoji).  Then I got to have a lot of fun sorting these into different colour stacks, and then putting together all the emblems to make sure we’d made complete ones (fortunately, there wasn’t a random space where we’d forgotten to make a piece).

As you can see, these look super cool, and they’re even cooler to have in my hands to play with and magnetise together.  I promise I never once badly hummed the battle music from Sword and Shield while I was putting these together – though I was very careful to watch out for marauding Wooloos coming to block my road (normally it’s just Callie the Cat).

Now we had a really nice looking badge set we had to have a pretty way to display it!  Saphira had a wooden box set aside just for this purpose, and I was tasked with making it even nicer!  I took a dark wood stain to give it that antique box look, while Saphira did some detailing with the Galar Pokemon League symbol for that little bit of extra flare!

You can find these finished Galar Pokemon League Badges boxed sets here

Now that these are done, I’ve been trying to get a good look at what Saphira’s been making… The printer has been working non-stop for a few days now, and she’s told me to just… roll with it… I wonder…

See you next week!  GetWhimsical, signing off for now

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