Dice Portfolio

This Dice Portfolio features dice made by me for various projects and commissions. If you wish to commission me for a set of dice, please contact me on social media on facebook or instagram.

Draconis Vitae Dice Project

Draconis Vitae was my first kickstarter project and included, among other things, 10 large size dice with Dragon Scenes.

Geode Style Dice

Geode dice were created with the concept of gemstones hidden inside the dice- in some cases they were based on actual gemstones, but in others- like secret sunset and beltane- i wanted to capture an idea. Each of these has a black or silver base and colourshifting pigmentation that changes with the light.

Gelatinous cube dice

“Death by Goo” were created to mimic gelatinous cubes, with small bones and pieces of armour floating inside them. These are made with a combination of real, sustainably gathered bones (handpainted after being cleaned and bleached), and hand painted pieces of resin bones and armor.