Good morning all, and happy holidays! =D
This is an update to all of our customers regarding the current situation with shipping in the UK.

Our Kickstarter fulfillment is going well, with 22 pledges shipped ahead of time! I’ve been working hard to get everything going early and you will have received messages inside kickstarter with your tracking number as soon as your order ships- If you backed us, please chack those! =)

Important Update on Shipping!
Ruhn looks all cozy on this holiday photo by @Arcane_focus_

That said, he have hit a Covid-shaped wall- the UK is currently under a postal lockown for safety reasons.
My usual carriers have advised me that for the next few days they will not be taking in any international postage, and so (because we are fast approaching the cluster of bank holidays customary of this time of year) i have decided to only resume shipping after Jan 1st. This is an attempt to keep all parcels and backers safe and accounted for in the postal turmoil we are currently seeing around here.

This is valid for ALL ORDERS across all our platforms, not just kickstarter and the website.
If you have an open order, i will be messaging you soon to make you aware of the situation.

As always, Stay safe and Happy Holidays! <3
Love, Saphira

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