Last week my most recent project was approved by the team of author Sarah J Maas! This means that for the first time i will be making a collection of Officially licensed enamel pins inspired by her work.
It’s a super exciting project and something i’m crossing my fingers really hard for, so i hope you’ll love it as much as i do <3

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To comply with the guidelines given to me, i have decided to make a Sarah J Maas enamel pin club through Patreon! This means you will be able to vote on designs to be made and follow the creation process much more closely than on other social media, exclusively through patreon- and it comes with a ton of goodies!

How does this work?

Patreon allows you to subscribe to a predetermined tier- each tier has its own rewards. The value you subscribed for is charged on the 1st of each month. For example, if you subscribe now, you’ll only be charged on March 1st- i did this so you can see designs ahead of time for the first month and access all the exclusive content- including our new book club discord!
Anyone who does not subscribe by the end of March will not be receiving rewards for March.
On March 25th, i will upload the April pin designs so you can choose to stay subscribed- anyone who unsubscribes before April 1st will not receive April’s pin….and so on.

Choose which pin you love best!

Every month, you’ll be given a poll to choose you favourite pin! I will make the pin with most votes, but dont worry, the design that doesnt get picked will be available again the following month (unless its a total flop =P). The theme for March’s pin is CRESCENT CITY to celebrate the release of House of Sky and Breath in a few days!

sarah j maas pins

IMPORTANT- In addition to this, if we hit 75 patrons during March, both designs will get made and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase through my shop the pin you dont receive via the pin club – at a patron-only price! So please share the pin club with other Maas fans <3

Become a Patron!

Welcome to your new Book Club

Using Patreon as a platform also allows me to set up a discord for you, the book lovers who would like to have healthy, open-heart discussions about their favourite books.
Do you need recommendations for great books( our NSFW server is ready for the smut talk, too!)? Did you get a really cool book box? Do you wanna show off your book shelf or reading nook?
Maybe you just wanna gush about how amazing your favourite characters are! This is the place for you. When you join patreon you’ll automatically receive exclusive access to our server, and i’m looking forward to talking books with you <3 If you have any doubts, please message me through FB or instagram (links below) and i’ll be happy to help!

Stay Excellent,
Saphira, Geek and Artsy