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If like me you’ve been enjoying pokemon sword or shield (i went for sword and scorbunny! =D) you may have noticed that there isnt much merch available from the games. I’m loving everything design related, and i couldnt wait to make the full set of badges from the region.

I finished the main storyline as fast as possible to see the designs and draw them up myself as close as i possibly could, and got to a pretty cool result!

The next step was laser cutting the design in metallic gold acrylic, and engraving the approppriate details. Some if it will then be enameled, and the centers will be filled with resin gems that i will custom make as well!

The full set will have the 8 badges as pins, and come with a wooden box they can be kept and displayed in! I will be posting some more progress as i go along, so if you’re a fan of Pokemon stay tuned for the rest of the build!

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