Lisbon- 8-piece handmade dice set


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The summer day dawns chilly, but you know that soon the warmth of the sun will bake the colorful streets. The tiles on the walls are slowly revealed to the eyes of those who care to pay attention to the details and beauty of the city. The streets fill with people enjoying the morning air and hurrying to escape the soon arriving heat; some brush their hands on the tiled walls, saying hello to the colorful patterns they see every day. 

“Lisbon” is a light brown set covered in intricate colorful patterns. It is inked in a complimentary dark red for visibility. If you needed proof that brown dice can be pretty too, here you have it! 😉 This is a unique set, ready to ship.
This set is made up of 8 pieces, including 2D20 and a shard D4.

Please be aware that due to the handmade nature of the dice and the process of making this specific set, there may be small blemishes or small air bubbles.  These will not affect the roll of any of the dice.  I work very hard at reducing these as much as possible, and ensure each set is as close as possible to the photos as possible, and all photos are taken to reflect the true colours and effects of the dice as much as possible. The photos in this listing were taken both in sunlight and overcast conditions.


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