Death by Goo – Gelatinous Cube Dice D20

The dark and damp dungeon was a promise of treasures untold. The maze like corridors were no match for your party, the enemies within vanquished, but the dying laughter of the goblins you slayed haunted your dreams. “The hungry one will get you!” they rasped with their dying breath. But you preservere, spurred on by the tales of the riches at the center of the maze. The walls of the dungeon close in the farther you go, the warnings written in blood exacerbating the oppressive feeling you were starting to get. But still you continue, not daring to voice your concerns.
Green goop oozes from the walls. Soon there are puddles you have to squelch through.
There is no sound but the cries of the dying goblins in your mind.
“We are being followed” whispers your Rogue.
The oppressive feeling can be denied no longer, and as one you turn to see a barrier of green matter, the floating remains of the goblins you’d butchered and the adventurers that came before you floating like twigs.  You know many an adventurer will have drawn its last breath within its confines.
It is with dread you realize that you can run, but you cannot hide.


This listing is for a 35mm gelatinous cube dice D20. Inspired by the terror of a gelatinous cube, it features a neon green clear goo background ( check it out under UV light for a surprise!) with bone fragments and armour bits suspended in it. The debris are a mix or real bones (sustainably obtained) and resin cast inclusions. For this reason, they may be less than perfectly balanced- although in our experience, balance is not significatively affected by these inclusions. Because of the nature of the inclusions, there may be a small number of air bubbles inside this set, despite the fact they are cast under pressure.

Please be aware that due to the handmade nature of the dice, there may be small blemishes.  These will not affect the roll of any of the dice.  I work very hard at reducing these as much as possible, and ensure each set is as close as possible to the photos as possible, and all photos are taken to reflect the true colours and effects of the dice as much as possible. The photos in this listing were taken both in sunlight and overcast conditions.

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Note that some gelatinous cube dice D20s may take up to 3 weeks to be shipped, as each is made by hand by me. Feel free to contact me on any of my social media for an update on your order before shipping!


If you need these by a specific date, please message me so I can make sure you get it by the time you need it.  If you’d like to be able to follow your parcel once I send it, tracked shipping is available during your checkout!
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