Gravebone Dagger Miniature



“The blade was crafted of gravebone, gleaming white and hard as steel, its hilt carved like a crow in flight. Red amber eyes gleamed in the scarlet sunslight.”

This is a miniature replica of Mia Corvere’s gravebone dagger from the Nevernight books by Jay Kristoff. This is my original design for this dagger, as i imagined it when i read the books. The Gravebone dagger is such an important part of the story, and i’m so happy i finally managed to bring it to life. I imagined the dagger as being completely made of bone, old and worn smooth, and detailed as an ancient ivory dagger. It was important to me to have detailing- like the gems and feathers- that would make it worthy of being the important weapon it is in the books.

This gravebone dagger miniature is perfect for displaying with your books, and is the first in a series of miniatures that will include Goldryn from the Throne of Glass books, the Swords from Eragon, Demonslayer from Sorcery of Thorns, and many, many more with planned releases every month! Do you have a special weapon you’d like to see in this series? Message me on instagram and tell me what you think!

This dagger is made of resin, and hand painted and detailed. The hilt includes a small cubic zirconia gem, and the eyes are inset with tiny glass rhinestones . The hilt is wrapped in ethically sourced, red-dyed soft leather.
Each dagger measures approximately 15cm (6 in), and is a beautiful display piece.



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