Little fox necklace- OUABH MYSTERY box!



Embark on a whimsical journey with our “Little Fox” Mystery Box Necklace, a tribute to the enchanting “Ballad of the Archer and the Fox” from Stephanie Garber’s Once Upon a Broken Heart series. Crafted with love and meticulous detail, this handmade treasure captures the essence of mystery, romance, and the magical allure of a captivating story.
With each “Little Fox” Mystery Box Necklace you will receive one of eight enchanting colors for the apple being held by the fox!

At the heart of “Little Fox” is a dainty fox cradling an apple—a symbolic representation of secrets, desires, and the intrigue found within Stephanie Garber’s narrative. Delivered in a charming apple-shaped package, this necklace is not just an accessory; it’s a delightful discovery waiting to unfold.

In the books, Jacks eats apples to control his urges, and they vary wildly in colour!
These are the instances where Jacks’ apples are mentioned in the books, and where i took inspiration from for the colours!

  • pure white- Legendary (chapter 7, 29),Finale (chapter 36), OUABH (chapter 1, 3), TBONA (chapter 1, 14, 21, 28, 43)
  • burnished gold- OUABH (chapter 13)
  • black- Finale (chapter 54), OUABH (chapter 18), TBONA (chapter 9, 20)
  • silver- OUABH (chapter 26)
  • pink – OUABH (chapter 38)
  • blue- Legendary (chapter 27), Finale (chapter 27), TBONA (chapter 15)
  • purple – Legendary (chapter 35)
  • red (in a picture) – TBONA (chapter 21)

Whether gifted to a loved one or treasured as a personal keepsake, “Little Fox” invites you to embrace the mystery of the unknown. Revel in the joy of discovery as you open the apple-shaped package and unveil a piece of the Once Upon a Broken Heart saga. Let “Little Fox” be a reminder that within every mystery, there lies a unique and enchanting story waiting to be revealed.


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