Miniature Bulbasaur – Bul-Bee-Saur Limited Edition Spring 2022


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Wild Bulbasaur come in many shapes, sizes and patterns! You never know when you may come across a friend for life.
These particular miniature Bulbasaur are extremely friendly and looking for new homes to put their roots down and be number 1 in the Pokedex of your heart <3
These come in many patterns with a skin varying from white to honey yellow with bright yellow markings! These Bul-bee-saur miniature bulbasaur are a limited spring 2022 edition, they will be available through all of March before going into hibernation! I usually make a few special editions with different themes every year- christmas, halloween, summer… collect them all and build your own bulba army! =D

Each miniature Bulbasaur is cast in resin before their markings and eyes are hand painted and detailed.  Each bulbasaur has unique markings and skin patterns, just like a real bulbasaur would! Once the Bulbasaur is ready, a tiny beehive is planted on their back, with detailed flowers and honey drips added.  This makes each of the miniature Bulbasaurs a one of a kind member of their sub-species, so you know that your Bulbasaur is the only one exactly like him in the world!

Please note that when you choose a Bul-bee-saur bulbasaur as a companion, you will in turn be chosen by a random Bul-bee-saur! As all bulbas are hand crafted, there will be variations in skin pattern, markings, and on the beehives on the bulbas’ backs!


If you need these by a specific date, please message me so I can make sure you get it by the time you need it.  If you’d like to be able to follow your parcel once I send it, tracked shipping is available during your checkout!
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