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Pokemon Evolution Stones Display Box


This display set of evolution stones is a perfect treat for any true pokemon lover!

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Been working on getting youself a full set of Eeveelutions?  Need a little help with that?  How about a collection of five hand-crafted Pokemon Evolution Stones, complete with an elegant and custom-made display box.  Now you can be ready to evolve your Pokemon with this extra set of beautiful stones – you never know when you might need them!

I engrave each of these wooden display boxes with an abstract design to represent the iconic stones.  In addition, I decorate the lid further with the symbols of pokemon types that are associated with these stones, laser cut from sparkling acrylic.  The lids of these boxes are simply beautiful and would look amazing on your shelf or next to your Pokedex, ready to use the stones.

Each wooden box also features decorative metal corners, hinges and clasp as well as a soft felt underside.  Ive also added a soft foam and neoprene inlay that will hold and cushion your stones in place.

I hand-craft each stone with an inlaid acrylic design or cast motif to accurately replicate the in-game stones.  I cast each of these Pokemon Evolution Stones under pressure to ensure crystal clarity and create the shiniest of items!

Like this item, but think you need to get your badges first?  Why not check here to see my Galar Region Medal display box.  Or you can find the medal as a wearable item here.

Just so you know – this item has free international shipping! But if you’d prefer to add tracking and priority shipping you can do so before checkout! =)

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