Heal your own ass, your Cleric can’t keep picking up your slack! ;D
These potions of supreme healing are coming to the rescue when you mess up during game night! Shake them for maximum satisfaction and roll away!
Each potion vial comes with 10 D4 for optimal healing prowess- potion vials are made of plastic and have a red resin bottom so they can be safely shipped, are wrapped with cork leather! Each has a matching cork stopper that can be removed and replaced for use, and includes a small lobster clasp so they can be clasped to a belt hoop or bag, or used for cosplay!


If you need these by a specific date, please message me so I can make sure you get it by the time you need it.  If you’d like to be able to follow your parcel once I send it, tracked shipping is available during your checkout! Interested in seeing more? Follow me on Instagram (@geekandartsy) or visit my facebook page for all of our new items, giveaways, and more!

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