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Are you a fan of the captivating world of Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas? Geek and Artsy is delighted to present our exclusive figure of Syrinx, the Chimaera pet from the series. Syrinx is not only a beloved companion but can now also be a loyal guardian of your treasured books!
Whether you’re a collector, a fan of Crescent City, or seeking a unique gift, our meticulously crafted figure will add a touch of magic to your literary haven.

Our Syrinx figure is a stunning representation of the loyal Chimaera pet from Crescent City. Standing at a majestic 80mm tall, this hand-painted figure showcases the unique blend of a pug and a lion. Syrinx features the adorable pug face, complete with expressive eyes and a tiny mlep. The figure also boasts a lion’s majestic mane and small vestigial wings- after all, Chimaeras can teleport, even if Bryce never noticed this. The exquisite attention to detail brings Syrinx to life, capturing the essence of Bryce’s cherished companion.

Invite Syrinx, the Chimaera pet from Crescent City, to stand guard over your cherished books with our enchanting figure. Join fellow fans in expressing your love for the series and add a touch of whimsy to your literary sanctuary. Shop now and embark on an adventure with Syrinx as your loyal shelf-guardian!

Keep your books from harm, and keep your eyes peeled for the next figure in this collection!


If you need Syrinx by a specific date, please message me so I can make sure you get it by the time you need it.  If you’d like to be able to follow your parcel once I send it, tracked shipping is available during your checkout!
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