This corner of the garden has always been a favourite of all manner of pokemon- plenty of flyers love the bird house, and it provides the perfect resting spot for a variety of pokemon to relax in.

Measuring 15cm wide, and 25cm tall, this is a Large display diorama/ pokemon terrarium. All the elements are handmade, and the figured themselves are all official! It also includes dried flowers, a wooden miniature bird house and small clay pots.
The display cube includes a sliding front wall that you can keep open or closed, and two pegs at the top for screwing it to a wall if you’d like to display it hanging- otherwise it looks great freestanding, as it has a lot of detail 360 degrees.
This diorama is one of a kind- currently i cant source any more of the boxes to make more, so its unlikely i’ll make this style again!

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