Voracious mimic enamel pin


The pins in the Artifacts of the Forgotten Realms collection are all silver or gold-plated and come with a backing card. Each pin has two posts and comes with two rubber clutches. Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on your screen.


You spend hours on a dungeon crawl, and at long last the rewards are in sight! That Treasure Chest looks so appealing! But beware, if you’re not careful or skilled enough, opening it will earn you a bite by way of Mimic instead of a pile of Treasure!
This is one mimic that has learned that by being adorable he can gobble you up much more easily. Adventurers tend to want to pet things they shouldn’t! If you’re a GM, why not surprise your players with their fate via a colorful, original item they get to keep?

The mimic enamel pin is gold plated, has two posts with clear rubber backings and a backstamp so you can always know you’re buying an original product. The Voracious Mimic features a series of rhinestones as jewels scattered inside its mouth with indented effects and a sandblasted transparency effect on the tongue! It also comes with an item card…or in this case, a trap creature card featuring our mimic!

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