Vulptex Crystal fox necklace


This beautiful handmade necklace inspired by star wars last jedi is the perfect gift for any star wars fan!


This beautiful necklace inspired by star wars last jedi represents the adorable vulptex, the crystal fox created for the film. The vulptex are natives of the planet Crait, where the last stand of the resistance was made.
Vulptices have cristaline bristles covering their entire body instead of fur, and sparkle beautifully in this gorgeous quartz necklace!

I craft these vulptex necklaces with real quartz points and the utmost care to create unique pieces. Each quartz tip was individually placed in a resin bed to ensure that the chokers are resistant and one of a kind.

Whether you’re the biggest fan you know or you’re looking for a gift for a special friend, you can be sure to love this one of a kind, handmade item.

★As every piece is handmade, please note that final product may vary slightly from picture.
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