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Digimon adventure tri digivice cosplay prop- translucent colors!

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These digimon adventure TRI digivices are the perfect finishing touch for your cosplay!
Made with the special design for the digivices we can see in the digimon Tri episodes, these pieces are cast in resin and very resistant. The base of the digivice itself is tinted translucent resin and not painted, so there is no danger of the color fading or chipping away, and the buttons are painted with resistant enamel lacquers.
These digivices feature a unique reflective screen, which will glow in photos. Custom screens are available, so if you'd like one i'd be happy to make them for you, just message so we can arrange it! =)

Choose between:
Orange- Tai
Red- Sora
Blue- Matt
Yellow- T.k.
Grey- Joe
Purple- Izzy
Green- Mimi

The digivices are 7x6cm (2.7x2.3inches) and will come with a stainless steel clip on the back so they can be worn for cosplay on a waistband or shoulder strap!

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