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Digimon digivice prop for cosplay

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A digivice prop from the digimon adventure series, perfect for cosplay or just daily wear.

Each digivice is cast with the chosen color and not painted, so there is no paint that will chip or crack with time.
They come with a stainless steel clip in the back attached very securely, so you can wear it anywhere on your belt, bag or just as a prop for cosplay!

I can make any color at all, solid, translucent or metallic. I can make white with the eight colors radiating from the center or galaxy patterns on black. They sky is the limit! ;)
The colors in the first image are all translucent ones.

NOTE: when you pick DEFAULT ANIME COLOR you will receive the default color of the digivices in the anime, which is a very light blue!
TRANSLUCENT WHITE will be a pearlized translucent color, almost transparent.

Please pick your color of choice when you purchase the item, or message me with any idea you may have! ^^

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