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Kingdom hearts friendship keychain
Paopu fruit keychain
Paopu fruit kingdom hearts
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Kingdom hearts paopu fruit necklace or keychain- whole or two halves!

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Show off your fandom with these paopu fruit inspired necklaces, from que Kingdom Hearts Universe!
You can have a whole paopu or buy one divided in two halves to share with a special someone to simbolize your friendship =)

Each necklace will come with a long (60cm) gold chain.
Each keychain will come with a gold hoop with a gold lobster clamp.

The halves will be slightly different for each request, as they are hand made, so they will always fit together in an unique way!

The necklaces are light, resistant and fully waterproof, so they can be used daily or on special occasions.

I accept customization in any of my items, just message me through here or at my page
You can also make requests of new items or follow all my work through there!

Thank you for shopping at Geek and Artsy! ;)

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