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Kingdom hearts wayfinder phone charm, friendship charms

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These gorgeous Wayfinders inspired by Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep are the best treat for any Kingdom Hearts fan!
Laser cut from acrylic and with a resin center, they are completely waterproof and perfect for daily wear on your phone or bag!

They are also the perfect gift to tell a friend how much they mean to you, as they have a very powerful connotation with friendship in the game! ^^

The phone charm will come with a dust plug adapter, just in case your phone or case doesnt have a whole for charms!

The original three colours are blue(for Aqua), Orange/Yellow(for Terra) and Green (for Ventus), but i can make any colour you'd like, please chose your favourite color from the drop down menu.

Whether you're the biggest fan you know or you'd love to gift it to a friend, this charm is the perfect treat for you to show off your love!

All our phone charms come in a protective gift box, so no matter how delicate you can be sure they will arrive in perfect condition =)

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