purple kyber crystal necklace
kyber crystal with purple light turned on
kyber crystal amethyst turned off
rough quartz crystal kyber star wars inspired
polished amethyst crystal star wars inspired

Kyber crystal pendant with light- PURPLE

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Kyber crystal pendant with light

This listing is for one kyber crystal, made of natural stone. You can choose between rough crystal or polished stone.

Each pendant is individually crafted and fit on a PURPLE LED base.

All of the "rough crystal" are colorless and made of clear Quartz, while the polished crystals are made of amethyst.

Because they are made of natural rock, each pendant has unique coloration and effects. I will always look for the most interesting stones to cut for each pendant.
Please note that EVERY CRYSTAL IS DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE! Every rough crystal varies in size and shape, so although I can guarantee they will all be approximately the same size, I cant in any way guarantee they will look exactly like the ones pictured. what I can guarantee, however, is that you will get a unique, one of a kind pendant =)

As a finish you can choose to have the kyber on a metal chain or on a braided leather cord.

Twist the top of the stainless steel metal part of the pendant clockwise to turn it on, and counterclockwise to turn it off. Batteries ARE included, and can easily be switched when necessary! Just unscrew the top to open the battery chamber. The batteries are inscribed with the model so you can easily find the correct ones to purchase.

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