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full moon globe, blood moon globe, blue moon globe pendant
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light up moon pendant
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Moon pendant, light up moon necklace, blue moon globe, blood moon pendant

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These unique glow pendants were inspired by the moon and its beautiful colours.
From the full moon (in pearlescent white with a dash of pastel yellow), to the reddish tint of the blood moon (or a hurricane moon) and the blue hues of a Blue moon, each pendant will add a special look-and feel- to your choice of attire.
On or off, they are sure to complement your look and remind you of the magic in your life, because you deserve to feel beautiful every day.

Each LED module uses 3 small batteries (they are identified, so you can change them when necessary!), widely available. Turn the tip of the silver knob clockwise to turn it on, and counterclockwise to turn it off. If you keep turning it counterclockwise, the battery chamber opens so you can change the batteries =)

Each globe comes with a faux leather cord, simple but resistant. If you'd prefer a chain, please let me know and I will change it for you at no additional cost ^^