star wars pendant lit up in green, reads "there is no try" in aurebesh
necklace with aurebesh writing lit up in green light
star wars aurebesh necklace with light- "there is no try" - Geek And Artsy
green necklace with aurebesh writing
laser etched star wars inspired pendant with aurebesh writing

star wars aurebesh necklace with light- "there is no try"

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This gorgeous necklace , inspired by the Star Wars universe, is laser cut and engraved for a clean, precise look. The text on the necklace reads "there is no try".
As told to Luke by master Yoda, it reminds us that if you make enough of an effort to accomplish an attainable goal, you will reach that goal.

Made from acrylic, our aurebesh necklaces are light and very resistant. Let them be a light in darkness for you, either because you need to see the keyhole, or just because it looks really cool!

Would you like custom text in your keychain? Message us, we'll be happy to work with you!

Twist the top of the stainless steel metal part of the keychain clockwise to turn it on, and counterclockwise to turn it off. Batteries ARE included, and can easily be replaced when necessary! Just unscrew the top to open the battery chamber. The batteries are inscribed with the model so you can easily find the correct ones to purchase, and they are widely available as they are watch batteries.

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