umbreon shaped pokemon necklace in a white bust
umbreon and espeon pokemon necklaces side by side
necklace depicting a running umbreon
view of an umbreon necklace showing the reflective shiny surface
pokemon inspired umbreon necklace

Umbreon pokemon necklace, dark type lover necklace

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The eeveelutions have always been some of my favourite pokemon, and I love espeon and umbreon to bits!
This umbreon necklace is the perfect accessory for any pokemon and eeveelution fan. 
Measuring approximately 8cm, these eeveelutions are laser cut and embelished with translucent resin details for a beautiful and original accessory!

Whether you're the biggest fan you know or you'd love to gift it to a friend, this pendant is the perfect treat for you to show off your love!

All our pendants come in a protective gift box, so no matter how delicate you can be sure they will arrive in perfect condition =)

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