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W.I.t.c.h. heart of kandrakar symbol pendants, elements necklaces

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These w.I.t.c.h. inspired pendants are the perfect accessory for any fan of the group!
I loved w.I.t.c.h. when it came out, and it broke my heart when it stopped being published in my country. I still love all of it, but the symbology was always my favourite, and I decided to make these just in case there are more fans out there who, like me, feel like there should be way more w.I.t.c.h. merch available ;)

Cut from 3mm silver acrylic, these pendants are light, resistant and completely waterproof. Choose your favourite, between:

Silver and pink- Will
Silver and blue- Irma (water)
Silver and green- cornelia (earth)
Silver and red- taranee (fire)
Silver and light blue- Hay Lin (air)

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