Happy New Year Dragons!

Hope you’ve had relaxing holidays and lots of nice food (i’m portuguese… food is how we show love =P )!

I have bad news and good news- the bad news is that the UK has gone into total lockdown with no warning again- which to be honest is understandable and necessary. The good news is i should still be able to go to the post office and restart shipping pledges out! At the moment there are no specific rules on who is allowed out on the lockdown, but because this is my job, i may be allowed to go to the post office.

At the time i write this, i have messaged everyone who had incomplete backer surveys or those i just needed some clarification from…please check your kickstarter messages or email and get back to me asap!

The vast majority of rewards are now cast: all the dice trays are finished, all the sunset dragons and most of the other dragon colours have been cast and are in the process of being finished, and most of the dice are being polished at the moment. If you follow us on instagram or facebook, you’ll have seen a lot of very satisfying demolding videos while i work on your pledge! 

I expect to be able to send all the rewards out by the third week of January, from all tiers- we have been working really hard on getting everything done, and we are well ahead of schedule.

In further good news, i’ve started getting messages from happy backers who have already received their pledges! Thank you so much for letting me know you love your rewards, i really appreciate seeing them shared and it’s a really big help! if you love your dragons, please share them! =D

As always, please let me know what your thoughts are, i’m always happy to hear from you!


Ines, Geek and Artsy