One of the new projects i’ve been working on has been the extremely finicky and incredibly frustrating creation of my own dice sets.
I love dice. They’re shiny and i all around feel like hoarding them, making a pile and laying down on them like Smaug on his treasure hoard.
Whats not to like? They are beautiful, relaxing, extremely useful items, not to mention a staple for any Dungeons and Dragons player.
So, of course, i looked at this challenge like something that would make a great addition to the shop and let me exercise my love of shiny math rocks.
I did not expect it to take over my every waking moment (and some sleeping ones), and lead to a few weeks of work on, simply put, Dice.

It seemed relatively simple at first: Since i wanted to eventually sell my dice i was going to need a 3d model of a set with a free to use font, which i would then print and mold. My first problem was that i am not at all handy with modelling programs. Really, i suuuuuck! But fortunately i’m okay with illustrator, so i decided to make a font i could use, and commissioned someone to engrave the font in a set of blank polyhedral solids( which was waaaaay harder than it should have been).
Solids that need to have great detail on all sides are notoriously hard to print, and if you’re looking to do the same i recommend a resin printer and making sure your support game is on point!
Currently i’m at the step that comes next- sanding to infinity to get the smoothest possible surfaces while keeping the corners sharp. Its been a few hours of work so far, and work is nowhere near done, so wish me luck!