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Shipping news for the Kickstarter

Shipping news for the Kickstarter

Happy New Year Dragons! Hope you've had relaxing holidays and lots of nice food (i'm portuguese... food is how we show love =P )! I have bad news and good news- the bad news is that the UK has gone into total lockdown with no warning again- which to be...

Important Update on Shipping!

Important Update on Shipping!

Good morning all, and happy holidays! =DThis is an update to all of our customers regarding the current situation with shipping in the UK. Our Kickstarter fulfillment is going well, with 22 pledges shipped ahead of time! I've been working hard to get everything...


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I contacted the seller about a customer order (I wanted a DNA version with my own colors) and they responded very quickly. They worked with me to figure out how I wanted it and then sent it out really quickly. Great communication the whole way through. Now that I have it it also looks great!

D3 digimon prop, digimon cosplay, digivice for cosplay

Wow! Love this Vaporeon! Fun design and great attention to detail. Plus superior and friendly service. We are delighted with both necklaces.

Vaporeon pokemon necklace, eeveelution necklace

We LOVE this Rapunzel Necklace as much as the Vamporeon necklace. Creative design, vibrant colours, beautiful craftsmanship. And add to all that, great packaging and shipping. Saphira, thanks for all your help. So happy we found your shop!

Rapunzel inspired sun motif necklace


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