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Brisingr was a hand-and-a-half sword with a curved cross-guard and a slightly longer hilt than usual. The glyph for “fire” in the Ancient Language, “Brisingr”, was engraved on both the blade and the scabbard. It had a dark blue scabbard, like the color of Saphira‘s back, with a leaf-shaped steel cap on the end of the scabbard. The blade itself was a lighter iridescent blue, like the color of Saphira’s neck.

While this version of Brisingr has some differences from the official version, this is what feels right to me, and i love the effects i was able to add to it! I love the idea that elves would sing the wood for their sword grips into shape, and i wanted to keep that part visibly wood, as well as add opal flakes to the blade to mimic what i imagined was the brightsteel described in the books.

This display miniature is a great addition to any collection and is made of resin and handpainted. it also features a scattering of opal flakes in the blade to make the effect of Brightsteel.
Each sword measures approximately 18cm (7 in), and is a beautiful display piece. It also comes with a matching scabbard, and every order will come with a display frame!
PLEASE NOTE- Each brisingr sword miniature may be slightly different from the ones in the photos – i apply the opal by hand and they are also handpainted, so every sword is different and there is some variation in colour.



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